The Best Personal Trainers in Bermondsey

Finding a Personal Trainer is not as simple as tapping away into Google search. You need to make sure you ‘click’ with your new trainer, as well as trust that they have your best interests at heart to share your passion in reaching your fitness goals.

Like myself, being located in London means there is vast competition in the search to find your best match, in fact it would perhaps be easier with a ‘Tinder’ like app to help you find your ideal PT match! As there are so many in London, I have focussed on some of my competitors based within the area I operate in, Bermondsey.


SF Personal Training5 Star – 44 Google Reviews

Led by Samuel Figueroa, SF Personal Training is a team of three experienced professionals who understand the demands of busy, hard-working professionals and delivers a proven passion for the industry.

With multiple services available, SF offer unique training services to include boxing training and football conditioning, as well as sports physiotherapy guidance.

Having a passion for muscle definition and being of a competitive nature himself, Samuel demonstrates his proven methods through entering muscle building and body conditioning competitions. So, as you can probably tell, you would of course have no issues in trusting that you would be in safe hands in reaching your fitness goals alongside this team.

Personal Training doesn’t have to be restricted to a gym and that’s why SF Personal Training encourage their clients to get outdoors with training sessions taking place in some of London’s fantastic open spaces, as well as offering online PT sessions via Skype.

So what do their clients say about them?:

“Samuel has really impressed me with his focused and knowledgeable support to help me achieve my goal to be fit and toned within a two-month period for a holiday.  His nutritional and training plans gave me excellent results and I have learnt a huge amount from him as well as feeling fitter and having more energy than I could ever have hoped for. Samuel really believes in what he advises you and you can totally trust he knows how to help you and keep you motivated.” – JANA


BFitness Training5 Star – 42 Google Reviews

Founded by Alex Bonnick, BFitness Training encourages exercise with added fun. Alex competed at a national level in athletics, securing medals, as well as learning techniques from the best coaches in the world. 

Alex specialises in weight loss, toning, strength training, general fitness, pre and postnatal training, as well as rehabilitation and athletic sport specific training, such as marathon running and the well-known challenge of Tough Mudder.

BFitness Training helps you ‘discover your true potential’ either as an individual or with your partner as a couple in their varied training sessions, to ensure you get you ‘daily dose of fitness’ whilst having fun.

So, what do their clients say about them?:

“Alex is an exceptional Personal Trainer – he helped me build my fitness levels, strength and also my self-confidence. His very knowledgeable, with expertise spanning multiple areas including weight loss, building lean muscle, nutrition, increasing strength and building stamina. Alex helped me push way beyond where I thought I could. Thank you Alex – and long live the 90-second wall-sit!” – ANDREA


The Sports Nutrition Coach4.9 Star – 111 Google Reviews

Let’s hear it for the ladies! Not all PT’s are male, of course! Michele founded The Sports Nutrition Coach, taking a holistic approach and clearly states that tackling nutrition or training alone is never enough to see life-changing results.

So why use The Sports Nutrition Coach? Well Michelle is another individual who has lived and breathed the process personally, experiencing the highs and the lows and will be the first to admit that she took wrong turns along the way. But though this experience she made amazing discoveries and methods that she uses to guide others in empowering their fitness goals.

Not only this, Michelle has a wealth of qualifications under her belt including pre and postnatal training, personal training, sports nutrition.

Not ready to commit to multiple session prices upfront? No problem! Michelle offers a pay as you go service too and these sessions can be undertaken at home, the park or at the gym.

So, what do their clients say about them?:

“Michelle doesn’t simply produce a plan and let you get on with it, she’s always there for support and guidance and explores ways to make the plan adapt to your life. I would highly recommend her for nutritional advice and training and you will get the most from it by being honest about your eating and what does/doesn’t work.” – HAYLEY


Jamie Vuong Personal Training5 Star – 25 Google Reviews

Jamie has been a personal trainer since leaving university in 2015, where he studied Biomedical Science. Having undergone his own successful body transformation, he was inspired to help others do the same and has since helped many professionals achieve their own fitness goals.

As part of his programme, you receive a bespoke fitness plan alongside a detailed nutrition proposal so that you gain enough calories with the right kind of food to compliment your workouts, in order to educate you whilst seeing the results quickly and more effectively! Now doesn’t that sound exciting?

So, what do their clients say about them?:

“Jamie has reignited my love for fitness and exercise. I have a healthier, positive mental attitude to food, boosted my confidence and lost 7kg in the process. l have pushed myself further than ever before – from participating in 3x5k charity runs, regularly running 5k in the park run weekly, and l now walk 2 hours a day and have now learnt how to cycle.” – MONICA


Eddie John – Pure Gym – 4 Star – (Based on over 400 Google Reviews for the Gym itself)

Eddie has over 10 years of experience within the fitness industry and joined the Pure Gym franchise in Bermondsey to continue his pasion for helping others achieve their fitness goals.

He states that he has the tools you need to reach ambitious goals both physically and mentally to help you feel at your best. Eddie specialises in muscle tone and development, as well as nutritional guidance and explores his passion for science-based functional and strength training within his methods.

If you’re looking for fun workouts with the additional challenges and support then Eddie is a great choice for you!

So, there is just five of some of the best Personal Trainers within the Bermondsey area. I’m keen to know what YOU look for when searching for your next PT match, and what is most important to you when selecting one?

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